How to avoid tax scams this year

As tax season rolls on, scams are picking up, hurting last-minute filers. And Microsoft is offering advice to help steer clear of them. In February, there was an average of 300,000 phishing attempts per day across Microsoft’s browsers, the company said in an advisory. The company’s security experts expect these scams to grow as tax day approaches. […]

11 Common Tax Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

Filing taxes can be stressful and confusing.  This year specifically seems to be throwing people for a loop. Many taxpayers who have been counting on large tax refunds are getting whacked with staggering tax bills. While it may be tempting to rush to try and complete the onerous task of filing taxes as quickly as possible, take […]

Don’t Mess with the Tax Write-Off for New Equipment

New capital investment is one of the major ways that innovation reaches the marketplace. A new study from a non-partisan research group on the economic impact of bonus depreciation for investment in machinery and equipment has been getting attention because of its conclusion that the incentive is not only wasteful, but harmful. In reality, nothing could be further from […]

Businesses: File on Time or Pay the Price!

March 15 is the tax-filing due date for calendar year S-corporations and partnerships. While this filing deadline does not require making a tax payment, missing the due date could cost you a hefty penalty. The penalty The penalty is calculated based on each partial month the tax return is late multiplied by each shareholder or […]

Hints to Eliminate Monthly Bill Creep

Paying bills is inevitable, but paying too much is not. Are you aware of all the services you are paying for every month? Here are some tips to help you get a handle on your recurring monthly expenses: Investigate your recurring services. Start by taking stock of every service you are currently using. Review your bank […]

Oh No! Your Tax Refund is Now a Bill

If you are anticipating a nice refund this year, it may be a good idea to prepare yourself for a possible letdown. Many taxpayers will receive a smaller-than-expected refund and might even owe taxes to be paid by April 15. If this happens to you, here are some of the likely reasons:   Higher take-home […]

5 Tax Tips for 2019 — and Beyond

Get ready for tax season — and for another year of smart planning. It was an unusually active year on the tax front in 2018 because dozens of new tax rules took effect that dramatically changed the way people get taxed on their income. Although investors have seen all year the impact of lower corporate tax rates […]

The Corporate Tax Rate Dropped. But You Could Owe More Anyway

While the corporate tax rate fell to a flat 21 percent, not everyone is happy. The keystone of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is the drop in the corporate tax rate to a flat 21 percent, down from top rate of 35 percent. The U.S. used to have the highest corporate tax rate among developed countries; […]

IRS: Be Prepared To Prove You Are Who You Say You Are

When you call the IRS, the representative can only speak with you or someone you have authorized to speak on their behalf. To make sure that you get the best service, and that you don’t have to call back, be prepared. Here’s what you’ll need to have handy: Social Security numbers (SSN) and birth dates […]

Identity protection PIN program expands

The IRS is expanding to seven additional states its voluntary program for taxpayers who wish to obtain identity protection personal identification numbers (IP PINs) and are not currently victims of tax return identity theft. The pilot program originally involved Washington, D.C., Florida, and Georgia. IP PINs will now be available in seven more states: California, Delaware, Illinois, […]