Moving From “Paycheck to Paycheck” to “Planning Ahead”

A recent study found that 47% of American workers live “paycheck to paycheck”. The path to achieving financial milestones like paying for a college education, buying a car, owning a home or retiring at an early age always begins with one step – saving for the future. Based on this survey, many Americans aren’t saving – and are unprepared for the unexpected.

The survey also found that:

  • More than half knew that an emergency fund should hold six months of living expenses
  • However, two-thirds don’t have that amount in savings
  • How many don’t have any emergency fund at all? 30%!
  • Retirement planning – more than half don’t contribute to a 401K, IRA or other retirement plan
  • Two-thirds of baby boomers carry their credit card debit into retirement

Start small and start NOW. Begin with a small goal – put away $10 each week. As that reserve grows, focus on building an emergency fund with three to six months of living expenses. The unexpected can and will happen to all of us – will you be prepared?