New Payroll Rules and ADP

Once again, this past year has brought us a series of complex legislative changes that affect the way business owners operate, from the Affordable Care Act to proposed changes to overtime laws that may have a direct impact on how millions of employees are compensated and classified.

With the enormous responsibility business owner’s bear in today’s economic climate, keeping up to date with and adhering to complex tax and compliance regulations can be difficult. To help ensure you are taking the right steps to minimize the risk you face as a small business owner, our firm partners with ADP®. Our local ADP sales representative works very closely with our firm and our small business clients to implement tools that can help them better manage their cash flow, attract and retain employees, and minimize overall risk.

If you are interested in any of ADP’s services, please contact either myself or our ADP sales representative directly. Their contact information can be found below:

Adam Hout


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