Owe Taxes? What Went Wrong in 2018 and How to Survive It

The 2018 tax filing deadline came and went. Whew! But for some Americans, the tax headache has just begun. This year was the first filing under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and while some taxpayers saw larger refunds others received a rude awakening. If you’re reeling from a large tax burden, this article is […]

Art of Accounting: Anything less than a 10 is an F

It goes without saying that your accountant should have a keen understanding of who pays you, who you pay and how to maximize your returns on investments. Because your accountant is so intimately involved in assisting with your financial decision-making needs, the relationship should be one that is built on a foundation of trust and transparency. However, […]

How Outdated Accounting Is Costing You More Than Money

Accounting is one of those disciplines that without fail, a lot of people associate with old traditions and endless paperwork. Although accounting is very similar to technology and other fast moving disciplines. Changes in governance, reporting requirements and business acumen mean that outdated accounting could be costing your business a lot more than you realise. […]

What are the most prevalent start-up bookkeeping mistakes?

Start-ups succeed – or fail – based on their cash flow. If your start-up spends all its initial capital and can’t pay the bills or make payroll, then it’s going to be bankrupt This is why getting bookkeeping right is so crucial. It might not seem like a very exciting area of your business – […]

Can your business take advantage of the new TCJA income deduction?

Tax reform represents the largest change to the tax code in 30 years, and impacts virtually everybody — including business owners both small and large, who are still working to untangle the qualified business income deduction. The new deduction is one of the biggest complexities in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and as tax […]

5 smart tax moves you can still make for your 2018 return

The filing deadline is April 15, but it’s not too late for some savvy strategic moves With the April 15 deadline for filing your 2018 Form 1040 only a few days away, it’s still not too late to make some moves that will save taxes on last year’s individual federal income tax return. And maybe […]

Taxes From A To Z 2019: V Is For VITA

If you’re wondering whether you can claim house office expenses or whether to deduct a capital loss under the new law, you won’t want to miss a single letter. V is for VITA. The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program offers free in-person help for eligible taxpayers. VITA is offered at nearly 12,000 preparation sites […]

Tax Day is Here!

The individual tax deadline of April 15 is fast approaching. Do you have all your tax arrangements in order? Here are five important questions that people are asking.   What happens if I don’t file on time?There’s no penalty for filing a late tax return after the deadline if you are set to receive a […]

Leasing vs. Buying a Car

Knowing the tricks makes you a better decision-maker There are many reasons for you to lease a car versus buy a car, but too often it is the auto dealer’s profit motive that determines which method you use rather than what’s best for your budget and lifestyle. To help you make an informed decision, here […]

4 Key Metrics to Fortify Your Business

Even the best, well-prepared business plans can unravel quickly without a process in place to evaluate performance. Creating a scorecard with quality metrics can give you the daily insight you need to successfully run a business without drowning in the details. Create a scorecard that works An effective scorecard gives you a holistic view of […]