5 Tax Tips for 2019 — and Beyond

Get ready for tax season — and for another year of smart planning. It was an unusually active year on the tax front in 2018 because dozens of new tax rules took effect that dramatically changed the way people get taxed on their income. Although investors have seen all year the impact of lower corporate tax rates […]

The Corporate Tax Rate Dropped. But You Could Owe More Anyway

While the corporate tax rate fell to a flat 21 percent, not everyone is happy. The keystone of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is the drop in the corporate tax rate to a flat 21 percent, down from top rate of 35 percent. The U.S. used to have the highest corporate tax rate among developed countries; […]

IRS: Be Prepared To Prove You Are Who You Say You Are

When you call the IRS, the representative can only speak with you or someone you have authorized to speak on their behalf. To make sure that you get the best service, and that you don’t have to call back, be prepared. Here’s what you’ll need to have handy: Social Security numbers (SSN) and birth dates […]

Identity protection PIN program expands

The IRS is expanding to seven additional states its voluntary program for taxpayers who wish to obtain identity protection personal identification numbers (IP PINs) and are not currently victims of tax return identity theft. The pilot program originally involved Washington, D.C., Florida, and Georgia. IP PINs will now be available in seven more states: California, Delaware, Illinois, […]

5 Things Every High School Senior Should Know

As the school year rolls into February, suddenly the realization sets in that high school seniors only have a few months left before graduation. Here are five things each graduate should understand before their big graduation day: Debt needs to be managed carefully. It is way too easy to burden oneself under a pile of debt. […]

7 Tax-Free Ideas to Bolster Your Business Benefits Package

The benefits package offered by your business is extremely important to your employees. How important? A survey performed by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that benefits are directly tied to overall job satisfaction for 92 percent of employees. Even more importantly, 29 percent of employees cited the overall benefits package at their […]

How to Correct Common Financial Mistakes

You’re working at the office, getting stuff done around the house, or hanging out with family when — wham! — a phone call, email or text alerts you that something is wrong with your finances. When a negative financial event hits, don’t let it take you down. Here are some common mistakes and steps to […]

Tips to Protect Yourself From Tax Scams

Too many people downplay the threat of identity theft because it hasn’t been witnessed or experienced firsthand. This false sense of security can leave you exposed, especially during tax season. Here are some tips to keep your identity safe from scammers: Be naturally suspicious. Understand that there are people out there trying to get your information, […]

Taxation Without Representation is Alive and Well

Our forefathers launched the Revolutionary War with the claim “taxation without representation.” What few of us realize is that taxing the other guy who has no say in the matter is now a prevalent technique. Here are some examples. Hotel taxes to fund sports stadiums – New professional sports stadiums across the country are using […]

Small Business Consultants Beware

Over the past few years, state revenue departments have been getting creative in making new tax laws to capture non-resident income taxes. If you are an individual operating as a sole-proprietor consultant or service provider to customers out of your own state, here is what you need to know. This could be you You could […]